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Trade Editorial

Editorial Catering to Business Clients & Prospects

To The Trade

Build Relationships with your Business Clients & Their Clients.
Our first priority is covering the top brands in each industry. So, we have a publication for each industry that offers news, product introductions, company profiles, executive interviews, employment editorial & trade show coverage.  That coverage helps educate your clients & prospects. Then, we help you build relationships with your clients by building editorial with & about them. This helps you & your clients reach & educate their customers. In addition, we have Executive & Lifestyle Editorial that help you show the human side of your company.

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Press Releases
Your company news is the start of our coverage. We post your press releases exactly as you send them & credit the company as the source. This provides accuracy for you & transparency for readers.
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The ultimate coverage displaying beautiful coverage of your brand & products with large format photography, HD video & modern style. It’s a central place for all of your coverage.
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Reviews & Contests
You recommend & review your top clients. Your top clients recommend your products & display their projects that use your products. The brands & our editors name the best in each industry & city!
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If you want complete details about the possibilities of our platform, read about our editorial philosophy.
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Connect with your clients & prospects by teaming up with us to give them editorial coverage.
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Upgrade your editorial with premium  features like front page placement & advanced design.
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