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Press Releases

Sometimes Old School is Still Cool.

Press Release Tips

Your company news is the start of our coverage. We post your press releases exactly as you send them & credit the company as the source. This provides accuracy for you & transparency for readers. 

In general, keep it simple. Just send us the plain press release in standard format as text or a regular email. But, just in case you don’t know how to do that, follow these tips:

Send Press Releases in Basic Text or Email Format.
Never submit a press release as a PDF or Word File.
Do not turn your text into graphics.
Never send releases that are just photos.
Do not embed images or videos in the release.
Always include images as an attachment or provide download links.
Always attach or link to both high & low resolution options.
Do not give downloads an expiration date.
Always use standard formatting for press releases.
Only put things within the copy that you want published.
Never put contact information or photo links within the copy.
Place all non-copy information at the end of the press release.
Include an ‘About Us’ paragraph at the end of the release.
Publicly traded companies should place legal notices at the end of the release.
Always put a city & date in the standard place on the press release.
The press releases title should be in Title Case, not all caps.
Never write us & ask if we want the release. Just send us the press release.
Do not send our editorial staff sales emails.

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